Deroorr-mageny - hot season

The Deroorr-mageny is the calling of the thunder as the heat and humidity build up. This weather indicates the arrival of the wet season.

Miriwoong people use these words to describe the weather at this time of year:

Ngoomelng – (clouds) - Before it rains the clouds build up.

Deroorr-deroorrb – (be thundering) - The clouds build up to create thunder.

Dooyooyoo – (thunder makes noise) - You can hear the noise of the thunder in the distance.

Jimilwiring – (lightning) - With the thunder comes lightning.

Mimimbe ginayin – Flashing in one spot off in the distance.

Deroorr woomindayin – (thunder is travelling) - Thunder starts to move closer.

Mimimbany girayin – (it's flashing, it's coming) - Lightning is getting closer with the thunder.

Jawoo-jawooloog – (rain heavily) - This is heavy rain that comes with the thunderstorms and only lasts for a short period of time.

"Thunder call out only once - sing out to goanna to come out." (Nancy Dilyai)

"Thunder growl and rain come down and call out for all the birds, all birds come in for water and feed on flower from paper bark." (Jessie Gumboi)

Deroorr-mageny - hot season